We welcome applications from all students and are committed to providing the right support to enable all students to be successful. If you have a learning difficulty, disability or long-term health condition, or need support because English is not your first language, we have a team of specialist Additional Learning Support (ALS) staff on hand to support you.

Methods of support available

Our ALS team are highly qualified and experienced and provide a range of support, including:

  • One-to-one support
  • In-class support
  • Scribes and/or note takers
  • Readers
  • Specialist equipment (e.g. IT software)
  • Dyslexia specialist
  • Access arrangements for exams
  • Drop-in sessions

We will assess your individual needs as early as possible, whether this is prior to enrolment, at enrolment or once you have started your course. Assessments are carried out by highly skilled professionals to enable the right support plans to be put in place.

If you have any additional needs or think you may need extra support, please give us as much information as possible on your application form so we can put the right support in place to help you succeed.

For more information, please contact our Additional Learning Support team, on: 01582 569 798.

Local Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Offer

Find out about our Local SEND Offer.

Alternative Learning Technologies

For anybody who requires a little extra support with their reading and writing – be it students or staff – we have a range of resources available, such as:

Read & Write 11

‘Read & Write 11’ is a user-friendly software, which provides features to help with anything from speech, writing and reading. It helps users with dyslexia as well as other learning difficulties, and is installed onto all of the classroom PCs around the college.

Find out more about Read & Write 11 in our ‘How to’ guide for Barnfield College students and staff.

Ease of Access Centre

‘Ease of Access Centre’ is another of our Alternative Learning Technologies to support students in lessons and for examinations. It can be accessed on Windows laptops and desktops.

Find out more about Ease of Access Centre.