It’s an exciting time to be joining the creative media industry with London alone boasting one of the largest in the whole of Europe. An exciting, vibrant and growing sector, it’s also heavily competitive, for which you’ll need a wide range of knowledge and skills to break in.

A media production course at Barnfield College is the perfect place to start. Combining hands-on experience with research and theory, these courses will prepare you to forge a career as a media professional. You’ll be working with industry-standard equipment on a day-to-day basis, and we’ll encourage you to explore the whole media production process from start to finish as you build a portfolio showcasing your talent across a range of areas.

There’s loads of different roles available in the industry, so we’ll introduce you to a broad spectrum of media practice. But you’ll also have the opportunity to specialise in your own areas of interest – from animation to visual effects, sound production to photography, and much more. And with work-placement opportunities and trips built into the courses, it’s not surprising many of our previous students have gone on to become freelance professionals or gain full-time employment in the creative industries.

Aneesa KianiMedia