Timeon Jarrett – from entry level to University

on July 15, 2022

Timeon is a second year student at Barnfield College, he is currently on the UAL Extended Diploma in Creative Practice: Art, Design and Communication and is set for University this September, but Timeon’s story at Barnfield is quite unique.

He started his journey in 2017 when he joined us at entry level on the Skills for Life course. Timeon has autism, which impacts on his communication, speech, and articulation. This affects his social skills and sometimes his understanding of information or instructions. He spent two years in the Skills for Life department, progressing onto Level 1 Art & Design. Art has always been a big area of interest for Timeon, he was excited to be studying it at college.

Timeon demonstrated competence and an eagerness to develop his skills, completing Level 1 Art & Design, moving onto Level 2 Art & Design, to where he is now, Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art, Design and Communication.

The Level 3 course enabled Timeon to develop his technical and creative abilities and knowledge of a wide range of art and design disciplines, before honing in on his interests and skills within a chosen area of specialism.

Throughout his time at Barnfield, he has been supported by our Additional Learning Support team, mainly helping with his theory work as his art has always been very strong.

Timeon is an extremely reliable student who works hard to meet targets, consistently demonstrating commitment and a positive attitude. He is dedicated to his specialist subject area, fine art, and hopes to progress far within this field. In addition to his studies on the level 3 course, Timeon actively seeks out new opportunities to experience and learn about art, through gallery visits, attendance to private art classes and engagement with creative community projects associated with the local Arts Centre and Carnival Arts organisation. In 2016, he was nominated for Luton’s Best Award for Young Achievers, as he was the first pupil from his school to achieve grade A in GCSE Art and Design 

Timeon is ambitious and excited to progress to university. He will be challenged by the academic rigour of a degree course, and by the university setting, but with the appropriate support in place, he has everything he needs to succeed and make a positive contribution to the course.

We wish Timeon the best of luck at University and look forward to seeing his future art pieces.

Max CresswellTimeon Jarrett – from entry level to University