Keeping everyone safe

on March 29, 2021

From March 8, full-time students will be returning to on campus learning, here is an overview on how we’re keeping our campuses Covid-secure. Please be aware that we will be contacting all students with any additional relevant information via email in due course. 

We are maintaining the Covid-secure measures we have had in place prior to the festive break and ensuring that classrooms are set up in line with the latest government guidance. We have highlighted the key measures below.

Lateral Flow Testing
In-line with Government guidance, the college has started its Lateral Flow Testing programme.

For students to take part in the Lateral Flow Testing programme, they must sign the consent form available on Canvas. Students under the age of 18 will need to discuss consent with a parent or carer.

Students have now started testing at home. You can obtain home-testing kits by completing a registration form on Canvas, and students should self-test at home twice each week.

What to do with your results
If you have a positive results, you must take a follow up PCR test. If this is also positive, you must notify college of this positive result as soon as possible by using the Microsoft Teams app outlined below. You can also get in touch with us by e-mailing or calling 01582 569 569.

If you have a negative results, you do not need to isolate or take a follow up PCR test but you should still submit your results via the Microsoft Teams app.

Using Microsoft Teams to submit home test results
In order to allow the college to accurately monitor the outcomes of home tests, we have also set up a function on Microsoft Teams for students to send their test results directly to us.

This application will be active from Monday 29 March onwards. On the left-hand side of a students’ Teams account there are three dots; once this is clicked into, students can access an app called ‘Covid Results’.

This app should be used to submit all home test results. It’s extremely important for students to report all of their results as soon as possible, whether positive, negative or void. Students must use the ‘Covid Results’ app to update the College on the outcome.

Social bubbles
Students will continue to be taught in their bubbles and won’t mix with other class bubbles.

Social distancing
Across our campuses, students will be expected to adhere to the usual social distancing where possible.

Face coverings
Students will be required to wear a face covering whilst at College, with the exception of those who are exempt. Students will need to keep their mask on in communal areas as well as classrooms where social distancing cannot be maintained. 

Workshops and classrooms
All rooms and workshops will be cleaned regularly. We’ve enhanced cleaning regimes paying attention to touch points, which will be cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Symptoms and self-isolation
If you are self-isolating or if you have COVID-19 symptoms, then you should not attend college. Support will be put in place to ensure that students who are required to isolate can still access their studies from home.

Remote Education Statement 
To view our Remote Education Statement for more information about this, and how the College will support you to stay on track with your studies while you are isolating please click here.

If you have any further questions regarding these measures please contact tutors in the first instance or contact us on 01582 569 569.

Beth PearsonKeeping everyone safe