Barnfield College:


  • Will inspire interest in lifelong learning, working with people to develop the skills and experiences needed for success in life and at work. We commit to this in the knowledge that:
    • Professional skills are central both to individual earning power and 
      the collective productivity of our local economies
    • English and maths skills are essential to accessing opportunities
    • The aspirations of many in our communities are challenged by the 
      high cost of living


  • We will engage with as many people and organisations as possible, working in partnership wherever this is most appropriate for maximising benefits across our communities, with the views of these stakeholders represented at College Board level


  • We recognise our responsibilities as a community asset for the people we serve. Understanding community issues and making a meaningful contribution to providing solutions to these challenges is central to this commitment.


  • We maintain a thorough understanding of local labour markets and facilitate positive relationships between employers and prospective employees.


  • We value community well-being and are fully committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities through a range of courses that enable people to pursue personal interests and passions.


  • We ensure the College secures and develops a workforce that is able to provide the skills and experiences required to deliver provision of the highest quality.


  • We will be professional in all undertakings and accessible wherever possible, providing a safe and welcoming place for people to gather and engage in learning and recreational activities, whether organised by the College or appropriate stakeholders.


  • We will take responsible decisions, utilising public funds appropriately and always seeking to prioritise expenditure and investment to benefit local people and our communities.


Barnfield College commits to making this information available publicly upon request in all appropriate and accessible formats.