Restaurant Style Cooking for One


SKU: C003303-20/21


Develop your cooking skills and discover the concepts behind professions cookery presentation on this exciting course.

You will learn to develop restaurant-style cooking in the home – from making fresh pasta to the perfect steak. Developing your confidence to cook for yourself, for a dinner party and to adapt dishes to your own unique style.

This course is designed to give you confidence to prepare an cook restaurant-style dishes at home – whether you want to cook for yourself or for dinner parties.

Working with professional chefs you will learn knife safety, basic vegetable cuts and discover more about different cooking skills such as frying and roasting. You will also cook a variety of dishes such as soups, make fresh pasta and sauces, cook the perfect steak and other single serve foods even some desserts.

You will also learn the concepts behind professional presentations and learn about how you can adapt dishes to your own personal style and use.

Week 1 – Introduction to course and concepts; quick Soup and flat bread. Theory – Cooking with small amounts of produce or leftovers. Cooking – Leek and potato, carrot or tomato soup with fresh made flat bread.

Week 2 – Pasta and sauces. Theory – How to make fresh pasta and sauces using mince or vegetarian alternatives. Cooking – Fresh Pasta from scratch, tomato based sauce with or without meat, possibly cream based sauce.

Week 3 – Steaks, chops, and cutlets with a full meal. Theory – Preparing and cooking steak and vegetables. Cooking – Garlic and herb marinated pork with fine green beans and mustard mash.

Week 4 – How to stretch a chicken. Theory – A chicken can be made into three or four meals for one person.
Cooking – Divide the chicken for two breasts, two legs and stock. Then prepare one of the following dishes: roast chicken breast, breaded chicken breast or confit a leg and learn to serve them all with vegetables and rice.

Week 5 – Cheaper cuts of meat. Theory – One pot cooking can make several meals at one time, possibly use of offal (lambs liver) with roast vegetables and new potatoes.