Level 2 Diploma Heavy Motor Vehicle


This VRQ offers an ideal step to the Vocational Competence Qualification (VCQ) for those who are employed, and wish to continue with their studies, as the knowledge at Level 2 meets that of the related VCQ. Achievers of this VRQ can use it as credit against the knowledge required for the corresponding VCQ. This Level 2 qualification is designed to provide a standardised approach for the delivery and assessment of the knowledge and skills requirements. It also provides the knowledge requirements for its related VCQ and forms the knowledge component of the IMI SSC Maintenance and Repair Apprenticeship framework (for Light Vehicle).

You will learn:
• Health, safety and good housekeeping in the Automotive environment
• Supporting job roles in the Automotive environment
• Materials, fabrication, tools and measuring devices used in the Automotive environment
• Routine Heavy Vehicle maintenance
• Heavy Vehicle engine mechanical, lubrication and cooling system units and components
• Heavy Vehicle fuel, air and exhaust system units and components
• Heavy Vehicle electrical units and components
• Heavy Vehicle chassis units and components
• Heavy Vehicle transmission and driveline units and components