Foundation Diploma Art & Design


Throughout your foundation diploma, you will learn new techniques across different art and design disciplines.

To determine your strengths and help progress your career path, a portfolio of work will be the main assessment of the course.

You will also get the chance to work in large studio spaces where you will receive regular tutor contact and support. You will also have access to specialist workshops and equipment to best combine theory work with practice.

This diploma will also teach you IT and computer design skills, the skills of problem solving to specific issues you have during a project and how to generate ideas for a specific briefs.

You will study in three stages:

Stage 1
You will explore different art disciplines including fine art, fashion, printmaking, textiles, ceramics, 3D design, lens based media and illustration.

Stage 2
This is when you will specialise in chosen area of Art & Design and produce a portfolio of work. This will be supported by specialist workshops and demonstrations.

Stage 3
For your final project you will set your own brief and create work for the end of year art exhibition. This will be the culmination of all your learning, skill and knowledge acquisition from the Foundation diploma.