Creative Media Production (Film and Television) HND


SKU: C001190/1-20/21


This course will aid you in the advanced use of Digital Cameras, sound, lighting and editing equipment. Whilst you plan productions to a professional standard, you will follow industry procedures including casting, ownership and distribution. You will be using Apple Mac computers, utilising the Adobe software package.

Workshops, seminars and lectures are designed to get you thinking about all areas of the media industries as a creative medium. At the end of the course, you will create a digital portfolio of work, which will showcase your creative input and skills in the areas of camera, sound, lighting and editing.

You will learn:

• Project Design, Implementation, Evaluation
• Special Subject Investigation for Media Production
• Career Development for Moving Image Industries
• Moving Image Documentary Production
• Sound Design for Moving Image Production
• Television News
• Work Experience in the Creative Media Sector
• Script Writing for Moving Image Fiction