Barnfield College
Success Stories:
#IAm…a Lead Tutor

  • Full name:

    Sachit Shah

  • Course studied at Barnfield College:

    Body & Paint Level 3 Apprenticeship

  • Current title:

    Lead Personal Tutor for Motor Vehicle – Body & Paint at Barnfield College


Why did you choose Barnfield?

“My Apprenticeship employer actually chose Barnfield for me as it was one of the few places that actually ran the course I wanted.”

Why did you choose your particular course?

“I had always wanted to work with cars; it had been my passion from a young age.”

What do you remember most about your time here?

“The Teachers. They taught me and supported me well and had belief in me and my abilities.”

Sachit Shah in Barnfield College workshop
Sachit Shah with car body parts

What are you doing now?

“I’ve done the full circle and now teach at Barnfield College. I of course stared here as a student, worked in industry and then started teaching here. I completed my Teacher training last academic year and was promoted to Lead Personal Tutor.

“Alongside this, I also test products and equipment for industry, and have had cars that I have worked on feature on TV and in magazines. I successfully help Automotive companies market items on the internet and social media, and alongside this, I enjoy photography and producing new colours for one-off pieces.”

Sachit Shah close-up

“My time at Barnfield College has been such an enjoyable learning experience, which has given me the passion to strive to do great things.”

Sachit Shah, Lead Personal Tutor for Construction & Engineering

How useful was your course in helping you secure your current position?

The course was very good, and it’s allowed me to work with, and still currently work with, big names in industry, and to share my experience with my students today. I’ve also worked on cars, lorries and bikes with the values of £500,000 plus.”

What skills did you learn at Barnfield College?

I’ve come away from my course with loads of skills to be honest. So much related to cars and the industry but also communication with people from all walks of life.”

How did the college experience help you get to where you are today?

“Quite simply put, it has helped me gain all the skills and knowledge I needed to get to where I am today.”

Sachit Shah in Barnfield College workshop
Sachit Shah in Barnfield College workshop

Which of your achievements are you most proud of?

“Definitely my passing my CertEd, as I am not an academic in any sense!”

Any other comments?

“My time at Barnfield College has been such an enjoyable learning experience, which has given me the passion to strive to do great things.”

How would you sum up your experience in three words?

“Passionate; Inspiring; Supportive.”


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