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Success Stories:
#IAm…a Fashion Designer


Why did you choose Barnfield?

“Via Denbigh High we had a taster day at Barnfield College, in which we went to the Beauty department. I was blown away with the resources and facilities.”

Why did you choose your particular course?

“We then had a Careers day where Barnfield came in with their fashion portfolios; the work quality really appealed to me, and when I looked at the prospectus and it said the course “leads to degree level“, I made my mind up that was the course for me.”

What do you remember most about your time here?

“The Teachers! They had the best subject expertise, were so knowledgeable and always wanted the best for their learners. Secondly the resources! The Creative department has always had professional standard classrooms and workshops.”

Aneesa Kiani winning award
Kiani-e advert

What are you doing now?

“How surreal it is managing the Creative Arts, Media, Fashion and Music department…the same department I once studied at. The feeling of being able to give back the knowledge and expertise I gained whilst at this College to our future Designers, Musicians, Media practitioners and Artists is beyond what I can describe in words.

“I also run my own successful bespoke bridal couture line, Kian-e, which is based on appointments. I feel it’s necessary to have a strong CPD especially in the Creative sector; it keeps you aware of the regular upskilling and changing dynamics of the industry.”

Aneesa Kiani close up

“How surreal it is managing the Creative Arts, Media, Fashion and Music department…the same department I once studied at.”

Aneesa Kiani, Fashion Designer and Creative Industries Subject Area Lead

How useful was your course in helping you secure your current position?

“The experience as a student I felt equipped me with the standards I needed to expect in a professional standard, and I feel that hasn’t stopped even working here. I feel Barnfield has really empowered me with the skill set needed to succeed, not just as a Lecturer but as a Manager looking at more innovative ways of curriculum development. “

What skills did you learn at Barnfield College?

“On the creative courses I learnt my designing, illustration, pattern cutting, garment construction, textile manipulation and when I progressed on to the FdA I learnt the importance of deadlines, professional standards and working with clients on industry level.”

How did the college experience help you get to where you are today?

“I feel the journey at Barnfield from student to Manager has developed skills that help me both at work and in my business. The best part is I’m able to pass my knowledge to my students today. I’m able to share my portfolio and even explore and reinvent projects I worked on, combined with how industry has changed today.”

Kiani-e design
Aneesa Kiani with award

Which of your achievements are you most proud of?

“I won Patene Pakistan ‘Rising talent award’ as a Fashion Designer at Bridal Couture Week, Pakistan – South Asia’s top bridal couture show, which followed by ‘Manager of the Year’ [at Barnfield College Staff Awards] – totally unexpected and truly overwhelmed. I then won a third award at British Asian Awards for ‘Best Boutique – South’ in England.”

Any other comments?

“I hope to see our talented students we currently have return in a decade and be able to share a similar journey and continue to make Barnfield proud.”

How would you sum up your experience in three words?

“Empowering; Outstanding; Inspiring.”


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