Barnfield College
Success Stories:
#IAm…a Record Producer

  • Full name:

    Amanpreet Sahota AKA Guy Furious

  • Course studied at Barnfield College:

    Music Technology

  • Current job title:

    Record Producer and Songwriter


Why did you choose Barnfield?

“I interviewed for many music courses across the county but when I interviewed with [Barnfield College Music Lecturer] Michael McCabe, seeing his genuine passion for music, arts and the course made me really want to join. His encouragement, experience and knowledge made it a no-brainer for me.”

Why did you choose your particular course?

“To learn more about the music industry.”

What do you remember most about your time here?

“A notable time was when the class was divided into groups to create an album. This allowed me insight into the challenges of recording bands/groups and also how to properly manage a group/band – lessons I benefit from to this day when recording in the studio.”

Aman Sahota sat by a wall
Aman Sahota in the studio

What are you doing now?

“Currently I’m living in New York producing original records and official remixes for labels such as Republic Records, Universal, Atlantic, Cherrytree Records, to name a few. This involves me going into the studio with the artist and creating records from scratch for their respective up coming releases.

“I got to this position by a series of events that started during my time at Barnfield College. With help and mentoring from Michael McCabe, I was able to learn the functionality of the music industry and understand how to properly garnish the attention of music professionals. Through this process I was able to sign a deal with BMG Chrysalis US that led me to move to Atlanta, LA and now New York to pursue music production as a full time career.”

Aman Sahota close up

“My proudest moment to date is developing my own artist called Juke Ross and signing him to the biggest and most successful record label.”

Aman Sahota, Record Producer and Songwriter

How useful was your course in helping you secure your current position?

“The course was essential for me to be where I am today….the course was exceptionally life changing for me. Mr McCabe taught me the relevant skills and knowledge to allow me to navigate through this industry professionally.”

What skills did you learn at Barnfield College?

“How to communicate with professionals, the art of persistence and perseverance and how to sustain longevity in this industry, along with communication, team/self management, problem solving, application of I.T, planning, and critical reflection.”

How did the college experience help you get to where you are today?

“My college experience showed me how to transition my passion and hobby into a career…The course showed me the possibilities of a career in the music industry, how to get there and, more importantly, what it takes to get there.”

Aman Sahota
Juke Ross

Which of your achievements are you most proud of?

“My proudest moment is developing my own artist called Juke Ross and signing him to the biggest and most successful record label, Republic Records, producing his first EP and releasing it on a major scale and now working on his second EP with his numbers growing into the millions. Another was going into the supermarket and buying a CD with a record I produced on it.”

Any other comments?

“The course is only as good as the teacher delivering it and I can say that Michael McCabe has done, and continues to do, a fantastic job in teaching his students. For me he has been a true mentor. There were times I wanted to quit. If it wasn’t for Michael, I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today.”

How would you sum up your experience in three words?

“Critical; Fun; Life-changing.”


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