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New Barnfield College website on a desktop or mobile device near you!

on May 17, 2017

Recently launched, the fully revamped is a leap forward for Barnfield College, in its journey to reclaiming excellence.

Part of phase one, the redesign places the user experience at the heart of it, to ensure relevant information is easily accessible from any device or desktop.

‘We live in a digital age where social media, visual media and the smartphone have become integral to everyday life so developing a mobile-first website was the first consideration’ said Principal, Tim Eyton Jones.

‘We know websites are regarded as a key source of up-to-date information and the first-point of contact, particularly for prospective learners. We want to provide every audience with ready access to the information and services they need online and a high-quality experience.

Key features of the new site include:

  • A simplified structure designed for easy navigation on any device, particularly mobile
  • A global menu with instant access to courses, how to apply and enquiries
  • A personal and friendly writing style for web users
  • Easy access to the support and services available to leaners
  • Emphasis on celebrating the journey and work of current learners and stories from alumni
  • Use of interactive media including videos and images

‘The new website is based on an in-depth research exercise carried out amongst our audiences’ added Claire Dores, Vice Principal for Transforming Equalities and Safeguarding.

‘There is notable improvement in the speed and accuracy of search engines, which we know helps in finding information quickly. We will continue to monitor important issues such as page download time, accessibility and usability and maintain a website that benefits all.

Phase two of the website will commence in the new academic year and will focus on further improving the user experience and installing communication tools, including online payment and a chat facility. Take a look at the new website, at: and send your feedback, to:


kyle mcivorNew Barnfield College website on a desktop or mobile device near you!