Music Student Showcase at Luton’s The Hat Factory

on April 13, 2022

Our Level 2, Level 3 and Level 5 Music students hosted a live music showcase in collaboration with Luton Live/s.

The live music gig gave them the hands-on industry experience in co-ordinating and promoting a show, alongside, planning their performance material, rehearsing, conducting a sound-check, performing and networking.

The Saturday evening showcase took place at The Hat Factory, Luton’s main hub for creatives in the town centre and included the following lineup:

  • Dylan (Level 2 Diploma in Music Performance and Production) is an acoustic singer-songwriter, primarily influenced by The Beatles and Bob Dylan, He has been making music for 2 years.
  • Max (Level 2 Diploma in Music Performance and Production) is a Lo-Fi Rock guitarist, influenced by Nirvana. Max has been making music for 6 months.
  • Shay ‘O (Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Performance and Production) is a contemporary pop singer and songwriter, influenced by Christina Aguilera, Dua Lipa & Meghan Trainor. Shay ’O has been singing since she was young.
  • Mobean (HND in Music) is a 60’s/70s influenced psychedelic singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist/producer, influenced by Jimi Hendrix & Jefferson Airplane. Mobean has been developing her current music over the last few years.
  • Passive (Jakob) & TJ (Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Performance and Production) are a Hip Hop vocal/songwriter duo, who met while studying music at college.
  • Charles (Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Performance and Production) is a singer/songwriter and guitarist, influenced by Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines and has been making music for 8 years.

Level 3 Music Course Leader, Michael McCabe said “it was a fantastic, positive experience in every way. The students have all been very positive about the opportunity, even though some had to overcome nerves and stage fright.

Dylan, Max, Shay, Mobean, Passive (Jakob), TJ & Charles, who are all very different in their musical approach, all gave their best and supported each other. I wanted the students to have a hands-on experience of putting on a show, where they were independently responsible, while working alongside the professional team at The Hat Factory, and this was exactly what happened.

This exciting experience is a part of the student’s main study programme which includes GAP our work experience programme and Project Bravura, a project that provides students with opportunities to develop important additional industry skills, over and above those they will develop on their main qualification.

Following the performances, Laura Hill from Luton Live/s said They all did excellently, you really do have a fantastic group there with incredibly supportive family and friends. All the students gave a great impression of the college, and the staff at the Hat Factory commented on what a great night it was.”

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Maureen NwachukwuMusic Student Showcase at Luton’s The Hat Factory