American Extravaganza Lunch in The Brasserie @Barnfield

on February 6, 2019

March 21, 2019

Feast up on the  big flavours of America in our specialist lunchtime service showcasing dishes from the States this March at The Brasserie.

Our team will be putting their spin on some all-American classics – a buffet to please the hungriest of tums for just £8.95 per person!

The Brasserie is a venture open to the public and local community in Luton and surrounding areas, led by our Hospitality and Catering team. Students on our courses take it in turn to master skills in the kitchen from our expert tutors and also polish front of house skills in their future career.

Our real-time lunch services are a great opportunity to put those skills to the test in a service that replicates any professional restaurant. Come and experience fantastic quality food and give our students unbeatable experience!
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    Aaron CaisleyAmerican Extravaganza Lunch in The Brasserie @Barnfield