Indasa Abrasives deliver Industry Masterclass to Motor Vehicle students

on March 4, 2022

Liam Fussel from Indasa Abrasives spoke to Motor Vehicle students demonstrating new products and techniques used in industry.

Indasa is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high performance coated abrasive technology.

The first session covered production papers and sealers. In this session Liam spoke about the history of the Indasa and the consumables he was showing the students, how the products have evolved and how they are made, along with when and where to use them. The students were lucky enough to be given samples of the tools he was demonstrating.

The second session consisted of Liam covering repair methods and industry standards. After being shown how to use the consumables for Plastic cold repair, body filling and structural bonding, the students had the chance to have a go themselves. When speaking about the fillers, sealer and bonding adhesives the students learned why they use those ingredients within the products, along with the positives and negatives of them.

Throughout the day students asked many questions to Liam about the abrasive technology industry. Providing the opportunity to test the products for themselves really showed the students the importance of these products and developed their skills in using certain tools, helping the students feel inspired about the abrasives industry.

Max CresswellIndasa Abrasives deliver Industry Masterclass to Motor Vehicle students