eduroam is an international initiative that allows members of educational establishments to gain Internet access at other member sites easily, using credentials from their home site securely. Once your device has been configured to work on campus you will be able to connect to the service automatically at participating institutions when your device discovers the eduroam network is available.

At Barnfield College

You need to use your full Barnfield College email address as your username (e.g. and your Barnfield College network password.

Please Note: if you just use your username it won’t work.

Apple iOS devices may require the trusting of the certificate from our Radius servers.

At Other Institutions

Although eduroam enables you to logon to other institutions wireless networks with your own username and password the security settings used by other institutions may not be the same as those used at Barnfield College. Please check the eduroam setup instructions at the particular institution you are visiting to see if you need to change your security settings

For Visitors to Barnfield College

Visitors to Barnfield College should note that we use Tier JRS2 Security using WPA+WPA2 security and 802.1x authentication. Please see the above documentation for instructions on setting up your Wireless connection if you come from an institution that uses different security and authentication

Logging into eduroam

To login and connect to the eduroam network you will need to follow the instructions below.

  1. Select the wireless network named ‘eduroam’.
  2. Enter your username followed by E.g.
  3. Enter your Barnfield Network account password.

Generic Settings

If your device is not listed in the configuration guides below please use the generic settings below to configure your device.

Network Name (SSID): eduroam
Wireless Security WPA2-Enterprise (NOT WPA-PSK)
Wireless Encryption AES authentication
Authentication Method 801.1x
IP Address Allocated using DHCP
Username Your IT Username followed by E.g.
Password Your Barnfield IT Account Password
Domain Leave this blank if asked


Participating Institutions

A list of participating eduroam institutions and the level of service they provide for visitors is available at the following link:

Before visiting other eduroam institutions

Before travelling to another eduroam institution you will need to:

  1. Check the level of service that is provided before visiting any eduroam institution.
  2. Ensure your laptop or mobile device is configured correctly for use on eduroam at Barnfield College before visiting another institution.
  3. Ensure you have configured your device for the eduroam connection.

Visitors from non-eduroam institutions

Visitors and members of the general public who are not from eduroam participating institutions should use BCVisitor to connect to the wireless service when visiting Barnfield College. To find out more please speak to our reception.

eduroam Companion App

Smartphone and tablet users may also find the eduroam companion app useful for finding eduroam-enabled sites when travelling. Download it for your device from iTunes or Android.

Coverage Details

There are hundreds of wireless hotspots throughout both campuses so you will have continuous access whilst indoors. Wireless outside may be limited.

Service Availability

The Wireless network is designed to be available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Occasionally the service may be withdrawn from some areas for planned maintenance. These times will be advertised in advance on the news feeds on Twitter and Instagram.

Rules and Regulations

Whilst using ‘eduroam’, you are bound not only by The Barnfield College Acceptable Use Policy but also by JANET Acceptable Use Policy and any similar policies in the visited organisation.

Help and Support

If you have any issues connecting to ‘eduroam’ please contact the IT Service Desk for support by calling 01582 569595 or by emailing

If you are from another ‘eduroam’ institution and are having problems connecting to ‘eduroam’ while at Barnfield College you will need to contact your home institution.

For more information, please contact Student Services on 01582 569569.