Planning for your next steps is a vital part of your college experience and achieving your goals – Our GAP programme will enable you to find a career you’ll enjoy, build on your CV and improve your skills in a real working environment. All the while you’ll have tailored advice and guidance that’s relevant to your future sector and the local labour market to make sure you’re job ready.


Careers Advice and Guidance

Our GAP team has qualified careers specialists who can help you plan the best route towards your destination. Some students will have a clear path in mind to reach their dream job, whilst others will need help exploring the options that are available to them – wherever you start on your personal careers journey we will be sure to help you get there.

Students can book 1:1 Careers Advice and Guidance sessions via the GAP website here, or by simply dropping in to see the GAP team on campus. 


Work Experience

We’ve teamed up with local employers to bring you GAP work experiences: a fresh approach to giving you what it takes to land a great first job.

You’ll target the skills you need for success in ways which suit you and the employer, meaning you’ll be busy every time you go to work and can expect to be completely involved in projects and tasks.

Whether you have your sights set on a particular industry, want to keep your options open or are looking to improve particular skills, we want to line you up with the right opportunity. All our students have access to our GAP website, where you can find our full range of opportunities.

Work experience should be an adventure wherever you go, and we’re here to help you get as much as possible out of your time so that you’ll have a great story to tell employers at interview for that all-important first job!


Local Labour Market Information

The College uses Labour Market Information to inform its curriculum planning, that means that we’re constantly adding new courses and opportunities to meet the needs of local employers and prepare our students for the job opportunities of the future. You can find out more about the Local Labour Market information for Bedfordshire by visiting our GAP website:

We work with many different services across the local area, such as Luton Youth Services and the National Careers Service in order to offer our students up to date information on what kind of career paths they can take after leaving college. You can find out more about careers guidance from the government here, and find out more from the Luton Youth Services here.


Find out more

If you would like to find out more about GAP, work experience opportunities or book a 1:1 session then head over to our GAP website: click here.

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