Barnfield College Students’ Question Time with the Deputy Mayor

on January 28, 2016

Last week Luton’s Deputy Mayor, Sameera Saleem, visited Barnfield to discuss local politics and democracy with the students.

Barnfield College Principal, Tim Eyton-Jones welcomed the Sameera, and introduced her to her a packed room of students.

Sameera was a Barnfield College business studies student in 2007, and later studied as a legal secretary. Her studies and supporting her father’s successful campaign to be deputy mayor prepared her for her role.

She is passionate about empowering young people to vote, and play their part in the running of the country.

Sameera opened the floor to a lively question and answer session with the students, answering challenging questions about her job role, her aspirations and how she has made a difference. Her role involves representing Luton at local and regional events, promoting Luton.

The question then took on a more political slant. Her view on democracy is that it should be fair, honest and open to all. Everyone should vote and get involved. It is important to have an input on who is to represent you for the next 4 years. You need to go for it, and don’t take a back seat. She hopes to set an example to encourage girls to get involved with politics.

Sameera also uses her position to help people with difficult problems, and feels it the little things like this that make a real difference. By tackling the small problems you can have a huge impact.

The last question was based around making Luton a better place, as it was voted worst place in Britain. This was an upsetting question, but was answered honestly. Sameera plans to work with Luton communities to get rid of stereotypes.

By Danielle Singh, Access to Health student, Barnfield College

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