Barnfield College named bodyshop magazines ‘Educator of the Year 2020’

on April 30, 2021

A changed world in 2020 meant a year of adaptation for students and staff in Barnfield College’s Motor Vehicle department. Students received laptops and new remotely delivered timetables, but what new barriers might this bring for students studying practical courses?

Flexible ways of learning were put in place to help all students continue their studies and not be at a disadvantage – this meant thinking outside the box for Motor Vehicle tutor, Sachit Shah.

He said: “We were evaluated by a panel who looked at our key information and processes for our Body and Paint courses, teaching and facilities – but also about the things our students go on to achieve.

“The commitment of the Motor Vehicle team has never been as prevalent as during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to our focus on delivering high quality online learning, we quickly pulled together the resources to teach off-site and work from home.

“We are honoured to receive this award because It acknowledges the hard work that staff and students have put in to continue to learn and thrive despite the challenges faced.

Industry magazine ‘bodyshop mag’ have visited the college’s Motor Vehicle and Body and Paint workshop before, but this year when considering the finalists of the Educator of the Year award, the resilience and adaptability of the teaching throughout the UK lockdown, was also considered.

Marcel Fernandes, Head of Engineering at Barnfield College said: “This award is recognition of the hard work the staff have put in to give students the best education possible in a whirlwind of a year.

“We kept sight of our main aim which was to ensure that our students have the chances and education they deserve, opening up a world of opportunity once they have finished at college.”

Barnfield College has many well-established local industry links, students learn by using industry standard equipment and products, to successfully train the next generation. If you would like to work with the college , please fill in the employer enquiry form here.

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Aaron CaisleyBarnfield College named bodyshop magazines ‘Educator of the Year 2020’