Announcement of Dissolution

Following a very positive response to our earlier consultation the College Corporation took the following resolution at its Board meeting held on 18th December 2018:

That having considered:
• Financial due diligence reports on West Herts College as to its suitability to continue the business of Barnfield College;
• The outcome of the statutory consultation on its proposal to dissolve;
• The terms of the transfer agreement between itself and West Herts College;
• The satisfaction of the conditions of the board resolution to proceed to merger taken on 15th November 2018;
• The final proposed governance arrangements for the proposed new merged college; and
• The interests of its student beneficiaries, its staff and the local community,
And having received the consent of the Corporation of West Herts College:

• in accordance with section 27B of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 to dissolve and transfer all of the corporation’s property, rights and liabilities to West Herts College to take effect in accordance with the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 on the dissolution date which shall be midnight on 31 January 2019.

Signed: Peter Hill, Chair of the Further Education Corporation of
Barnfield College

Date: 18th December 2018