Barnfield College operates within a framework of policies, procedures and guidance documents to ensure that services are compliant and consistent and enable individuals to participate in activities safely and fairly.

All our policies and procedures are reviewed and updated regularly.

Annual Report & Financial Statements

Annual Report 2016-17
Annual Report 2015-16
Annual Report 2014-15

Ofsted Reports

Barnfield College:

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Barnfield Nursey:

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Performance tables

Performance tables

Standing Orders

Barnfield College Standing Orders

Higher Education

Higher Education Quality Strategy and Policy
Higher Education Teaching and Learning Strategy
Higher Education Mitigating Circumstances Policy & Procedure
Higher Education Assessment Policy
HE Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy
Higher Education Quality Policy
Enhancement Statement for Higher Education
Student Protection Plan
Fee Policy 2018-19


Safeguarding Policy

Equality and Diversity

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion College Policy

Data Protection

Data Protection Policy
Website Privacy Policy
Website Cookie Policy


Whistleblowing/Disclosure Policy

Instrument and Articles of Government

Instrument & Articles of Government – September 2015

Compliments and Complaints

Compliments and Complaints Policy and Procedure
Procedures for obtaining views of staff and students


Admissions Policy


Fee Policy

Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour for Learning Policy 


Examination Conduct & Invigilation Policy

Supply Chain Fees & Charges

Subcontracting Supply Chain Fees Policy
Subcontractor Summary 2015/16
Subcontractor Summary 2016/17

Corporation Expenses

Guidance on Corporation Expenses


Rewards Policy
Staff Development Policy

Barnfield College’s Gender Pay Gap Data

  • Women’s hourly rate is 11.5% lower (mean) and 16.2% lower (median)
  • Top salary quartile has 44.1% men and 55.9% women
  • Upper middle salary quartile has 42% men and 58% women
  • Lower middle salary quartile has 23.5% men and 76.5% women
  • Lower salary quartile has 29% men and 71% women
  • Women’s bonus pay is 0% lower (mean) and 0% lower (median)
  • 0% of men and 0% of women received bonus pay