Barnfield College is on a journey to an exciting future. Under the direction of our Principal, we’re determined to be outstanding in everything we do, meeting the needs of students, businesses and the community.

Our vision is to create a fair, inclusive and diverse college environment, with equal opportunities for every student.

We are proud to comply with the public sector equality duty in the Equality Act 2010. As a college, we:

  • Work collaboratively with Stonewall and other organisations so that the college is developing and implementing best practice in advancing areas of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning and intersex)
  • Ensure staff receive appropriate training and promote EDI by engaging staff and employers in activities to raise awareness of diversity
  • Reduce non-disclosure of ethnicity and disability to below five percent
  • Respond to data to lower equality gaps in student achievement

We are committed to innovation, quality and standards, and through these values, we will deliver successful outcomes and destinations for all our students. Our shared values underpin everything we do at Barnfield College.

As individuals, we will:

  • Ensure that we put exceptional teaching and learning and an outstanding student experience at the heart of everything we do
  • Be proactive and positive in addressing issues at all times, and take opportunities to pioneer new approaches
  • Establish and maintain a fair working environment free from discrimination, bullying and prejudice
  • Seek, recognise and acknowledge the potential in others
  • Take decisions that are ethically and commercially sound, and be honest and transparent about these decisions
  • Take personal responsibility for our own actions
  • Have high expectations of ourselves and others
  • Be courteous and respect others
  • Use appropriate humour to make learning fun
  • Set and maintain high professional standards at all times.

As an organisation, we will:

  • Create a safe, caring, transparent, disciplined and supportive environment where students can reach their full potential and achieve their aspirations
  • Make outstanding learning and teaching a high priority
  • Continually develop our curriculum to ensure it is innovative, entrepreneurial and current, meeting and exceeding expectations
  • Value clear, timely and concise communication
  • Listen to the opinions of our students and other stakeholders
  • Value diversity in our College and local community, providing services that are open and accessible to all
  • Champion  a welcoming and friendly environment
  • Embed the use of coaching to promote self and team development and improvement

Ofsted Reports

You can view our most recent Ofsted reports online for both Barnfield College and Barnfield Nursery. Alternatively you can download the reports below:

Download Barnfield College’s Ofsted Report
Download Barnfield Nursery’s Ofsted Report

Performance tables

You can also view our Performance tables online.


We provide a huge selection of vocational courses from Entry Level up to University Level, so whatever your ambitions and whatever qualifications you arrive with, we’re sure to have a course to meet your needs.

With full-time and part-time courses, and evening courses, we offer the flexibility you need to fit study around life, whatever your circumstances. Regardless of how you choose to study with us, our courses will develop your skills, knowledge and qualification base, opening doors to a fulfilling and successful career.

Our staff are enthusiastic, caring and highly skilled, with absolute dedication to ensuring that all our students are happy, successful and reach their full potential.

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