50 years and a new beginning – Barnfield merges with West Herts

on February 4, 2019

Barnfield College has marked its fiftieth year as Luton’s local college by looking to the future, following the completion on Friday 1 February of its merger with West Herts College.

The college will continue to serve the Luton community and will be expanding the opportunities it offers local people and employers. New courses are in place for the coming academic year while longer-term ambitions include redeveloping campus buildings and facilities.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual for existing students and anyone in the process of applying for a place in September, with the college operating as normal and continuing to be known by the same name.

“I am delighted to be announcing this merger and the opportunities it creates for Barnfield to serve the people of Luton,” said Chair of Governors Phil Thompson, who will lead a new Board of Governors responsible for the merged college.

“Thriving towns like Luton deserve a college which grows with the local area. Working in partnership with our communities and employers will be a priority. We want Barnfield to be known for the contribution it makes to prosperity and productivity across Luton and the wider area.”

Campus Redevelopment Plans



Barnfield50 years and a new beginning – Barnfield merges with West Herts