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Level 2 CPCAB in Introduction to Counselling Skills
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Level 2 CPCAB in Introduction to Counselling Skills
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Mode of Study
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Entry Requirements
There are no prior entry requirements. However, this qualification is not suitable for those who are currently in a state of severe emotional difficulty and/or severe psychological confusion. Students need to be aware that there is an IT aspect to the course thus you will be required to have basic IT skills such as using Microsoft Word. Support is available.
Leads on to
This qualification does not lead directly to an employed role, however, it could enhance an existing voluntary or paid role or increase the general employability of those seeking to enter the job market.
Additional Information
This 30 GLH (5 credit) classroom-based counselling skills qualification is designed as introductory course for those who want to learn counselling skills or for those who want to do a taster course in counselling. It will not train them to be a counsellor but it will enable them to use basic counselling skills ethically and safely as well as helping them decide whether they are suited to this kind of work. The qualification consists of 1 mandatory unit with 7 learning outcomes. It is underpinned by the CPCAB model of practitioner development which takes account of the latest research findings on what makes counselling and related helping activities effective. The 7 learning outcomes are: Working within the limitations of the helping role Establishing boundaries for helping work Communicating empathic understanding Focusing on the helpee’s agenda Understanding the importance of self-awareness in helping work Using listening and responding skills Using review and feedback to develop initial counselling skills This qualification is mapped to the Counselling and Mental Health National Occupational Standards. This qualification is for: Those who want to learn basic counselling skills (listening and responding skills) Those who want to find out whether they are suited to counselling or helping work Those who want to improve their professional and personal relationships as part of personal development
Develop introductory counselling skills which can be used in everyday life as well as listening and responding skills. This course provides an insight into what counselling is about and what practitioner training involves. While the course is open to all, you will be expected to take part in small group as well as class activities. This is designed to encourage self-awareness and self development, allowing you to better appreciate how your own sense of self can impact the helping interaction. You will be able to use these skills at higher level study or in a voluntary or employed role.